Wedding in Radeberg

The most beautiful day of life for two loving people brings you to the altar.

To show their happy togetherness, their trust in each other, their commitment to life as a couple and to master it together in the future.

Marriage as a promise to make the right decisions in every situation, to overcome setbacks together and to enjoy the beautiful moments together to the full.

With the exchange of the rings a community is connected, which connects the bridal couple on a particularly beautiful, but also sometimes stony way through time.

The wedding feast, the culmination of the most beautiful day in life, with recurring memories of unforgettable hours in family, friends, relatives and acquaintances, in a special ambience, accompanied by good food and exquisite drinks.

With a pretty carriage through the old town, the photo shooting at Klippenstein Castle, in the Botanical Garden or in the brewhouse of the Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei, the celebration in the historical ambience of the Kaisersaal, in small company in the classic Wettin Salon or modernly arranged in the lounge, you have the choice.

Let your dreams and wishes run free and plan together with us YOUR most beautiful day in life!

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