Auszug der Speisekarte Radeberger Brauereiausschank


Radeberger sausage salad with gherkin, cheese strips and Zwickelbeervinaigrette E,4,G,H       7,50 €                                                                   

Grilled aubergine with buffalo mozzarella and serano ham on wild herbs E,4                             10,90 €                                           

Creamy ragout of poultry A1, E, G                                                                                                                   5,90 €                                                                                                            


Consume with slices of herb pancake A1, B, E, G                                                                                        4,50 €                                                                            

Consume with liver dumpling A1, B, E, G                                                                                                      5,10 €                                                                                                 

Soup of zucchini with marinated sheep cheese cubes E,F,G                                                                 5,50 €                                                                             


Small mixed salad with Italian dressing G                                                                                                                                             4,50 €     

Loose-leaf salad of wild herbs in beetroot-sesame dressing, sheep cheese and chicken strips E,I                              11,20 €

Romaine lettuce hearts with two large fried  king prawns, parmesan dressing and sourdough bread M,E,A1,A3      13,20 €                   



Veal Escalope “Vienna style” coating served with French fries,                                                           14,90 €                                                                     cranberry and cucumber salad A1, B, E

Marinated and roast pork with sauerkraut and bread dumpling 4, A1, E, G, H, J                                    12,00 €                                                                                 

Half knuckle of pork with sauerkraut and dumplings 4, A1, G, H, J                                                           14,90 €

(Please you follow the time needed of approx. 30 minutes for the Knuckle of pork)                                                                             

Sächsische Brotzeit 

Smoked Knockwurst, homemade blood- and liver sausage, ham, jellied pork and cheese           10,50 

served with reddish and different kinds of bread 4, A1, A2, E, H         


Marinated pork chop on mushroom-zucchini vegetable, with mashed sweet potatoes and cheddar E            14,50 €                      

Lamb chop with herb crust, zucchini bean salad and risotto B,E,I                                                                                       21,90 €

Ragout of oxtail with almond broccoli and swiveled potato gnocchi Fi,A,E,B                                                              14,80 €

Baked chicken breast in horseradish egg shell on melted tomatoes, and arugula risotto E,B,A,G                        13,50 €

Desserts & cheese

Trilogy from regional cheese, tomato jam, and fig mustard A2, E, F3, G, H, J                                                           7,20 €

Curt cheese pan “Saxony Style” with apple puree 3, 6, A1, B, E, J, F1                                                                           5,50 €

Duet of yoghurt ice cream and cakes on sweet milk froth & biscuit on fruit sauce                                      6,90 €

 Stove refiner Apple strudel with Vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream 1, A1, B, E, F                                       5,50 €

Homemade Chocolate of beer (3 pieces) A1, A2, E, F1                                                                                                   2,00 €

Duet of raspberrysorbet and lemonsorbet with grilled pineapple                                                                   5,90 €

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